Scott Sorensen-Jolink

Scott Sorensen-Jolink

Family Law Mediator + Attorney


Practicing exceptional Family Law mediation + representation since 1982

Scott Sorensen-Jolink is a nationally recognized mediator and attorney based in Oregon who has worked exclusively in the field of Family Law for more than 30 years.  He co-founded his firm, Sorensen-Jolink Trubo LLP, with Herbert Trubo in 1977. Scott offers personalized service and a strong legacy of experience and success.  He is a former President of the Oregon State Bar Family Law Section, a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and has repeatedly been recognized by Oregon Super Lawyers. Scott was the editor of the Oregon State Bar Family Law Desk Book for 20 years.

As a mediator, Scott focuses on settling a dispute by using a variety of case-specific approaches. He is known for his natural ability to see both sides of a conflict situation. He understands that listening to all parties and identifying the balance and dynamics between two people in conflict is essential to finding an amicable path toward settling a dispute.

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1140 SW 11th Avenue, Suite 110
Portland, Oregon 97205

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Areas of Practice

settlement conference mediation

Attorney-involved mediation/settlement conference is a mode of processing cases that has gained popularity because it is practical, consumes less time than a trial, and allows for greater flexibility in terms than Courts may order. Scott is an “evaluative mediator,” by and large, and is known not to waste time. He encourages all parties to participate by providing their analyses and proposals.

Arbitration + Judicial Appointments

Because he has practiced Family Law exclusively for the past 30 years, Scott is often retained to work as an arbitrator or judge for individual cases. He is certified in several counties in Oregon as a reference judge. 

Party only mediation

Scott excels at working as a more traditional party only mediator. Some clients have attorneys, and elect to meet with Scott to settle, while consulting with the attorneys. Others choose not to have attorneys. Scott works with all parties to design the mediation and is flexible as to the format. All that is needed to begin is an agreement to meet together.

Limited Representation

Scott continues to offer traditional representation of clients in a limited number of family law cases.  He encourages clients to work with other mediators and strives to facilitate negotiated settlements. 


I help people experiencing severe conflict find a path to a resolution.
— Scott Sorensen-Jolink


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