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Settlement Conferences. The attorney-involved mediation/settlement conference mode of processing cases has gained popularity because it is practical, consumes less time than a trial, and allows for greater flexibility in terms than Courts may order. We are “evaluative mediators,” by and large, and are known not to waste time. We encourage the parties to participate by providing their analyses and proposals.

“Party Only” Mediations. We also excel working as traditional mediators. We have a high success rate resolving cases with parties working in this format. Some parties have attorneys, yet meet with us to settle, consulting with the attorneys. Some choose not to have attorneys. We design the mediation with them and are flexible as to the format. We advise the parties to consult with counsel before signing final documents. These cases are referred to us by attorneys, counselors, therapists, courts, and by our satisfied clients. Family Law attorneys are welcome to refer clients to us and then call us to discuss options for the clients. They can expect that the clients and their spouses or partners can work with us to resolve their disputes. To begin, all they need to do is agree to meet together. We take it from there and generally refer the case back to the attorneys for follow-up work.

Arbitration, Reference Judging, Consulting. Because of the focus of our practice over the years in Family Law, we have also been retained as arbitrators of cases. We have been hired as Reference judges, as well. We are certified in several counties. Reference judges are appointed as Judges on a case-by-case basis with full authority on that case and can hear motions and address discovery issues. In addition, we routinely consult with other attorneys who may have less experience in our field and who wish to add brain power to their clients’ cases.

Representation Services. Scott continues to offer traditional representation of clients in family law cases. As necessary, he will appear in court in contested cases, and has extensive experience as a trial lawyer. He encourages clients to work with other mediators and attempts to facilitate negotiated settlements.

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