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Scott Sorensen-Jolink and Herb Trubo have worked exclusively as attorneys and mediators in the field of Family Law in Oregon for more than 30 years. We are experienced and efficient.

Scott represents clients and offers mediation and arbitration services, as well as reference judging and consulting services in Family Law cases. Herb is available to clients as a mediator or arbitrator, and is no longer engaged in the private practice of law (client representation).

Resources we have used in our 30+ years of trial and mediation practice are available to our clients for appraisal, analysis and support purposes. We are practical, positive and proactive in resolving conflicts for the parties. We are available for both settlement conference mediation with attorney participation, as well as traditional mediation without counsel. We have staff people available to support us when we are not available to talk to you. We call you back, usually on the day you call us.

Our firm has a primary focus on Family Law. We are constantly sharing ideas about new developments in the law. This depth of exposure to the cases in the Family Law field strengthens us as mediators in all other facets of our work.